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10.21.05 - I've updated my wishlist.  Sean bought an iPod nano for me for my birthday!  It's so cute and little!  It's an early present, but that's okay.  I understand his impatience in wanting to give it to me now.  It's a fun little toy.  :)

10.07.05 - Update #3. I created a wishlist.  It's short for the moment.  

10.07.05 - Update #2.  Okay, so I'm changing the theme a bit.  But I'm way too lazy to go back and change all of the other pages.  The links look awful right now.  I'll get around to fixing that.  So, all the new stuff will have the new theme.  The old stuff will just be the old stuff.  

10.07.05 - Holy cow!  I've finally figure out a way to update this thing!  Or should I say I've finally found a program simple enough for my feeble mind to comprehend.  So, look forward to updates!  The first new thing coming up will be my birthday list!  Cause it's coming up, and I'm greedy and stuff.  Yay! I'm happy I found a program I can use.  :)

02.10.05 - Gordy's been saved!

02.09.05 - Here are the pictures from the crawfish boil we had a couple weeks ago.  Soon to come, pictures from Mardi Gras. 

02.09.05 - This poor doggy needs a home!

12.27.04 - Well, it took me forever, but I finally updated this page.  I'm really sorry to any of you that were interested in seeing these pictures earlier.  I'm assuming most of you have stopped checking for updates.  But here they are nonetheless.  Click me.

I'm thinking about adding some other stuff to this site.  After all, it's mine.  So might as well do something with it.  Maybe I'll just add in some galleries from my day to day picture taking.  We'll see. 

07.31.04 - Well, the Tulane Summer Program in Cambridge is over.  Exams and all.  Done. Sticking around here for tonight.  Heading out to London tomorrow morning.  Took a few pictures.

07.28.04 - Happy Birthday Maxwell!! :)  Everything is going well.  Classes are nearly over.  Just two more days of class.  Unfortunately, that's 8 classes.  (We have to make up two classes of European Trade Law.)  Exams on Saturday.  Punting Party Saturday afternoon.  Sunday morning I'm off to London for a couple days.  Then HOME!  I added some miscellaneous pictures and pictures of punting, again. 

07.23.04 - So last night  was the most I've drank since I've been here.  And I dare say it was the tipsiest/drunkest I've ever felt.  Walking up the steps to my room was a challenge.  But all was well this morning.  No sickness at all.  :)  We had fun playing cards.  Learned a game I'd never played before.  Today I didn't do much.  Walked around a little, took a nap.  Went to dinner with Genevieve and Katharine. 

Edit: Changed the layout of the page.  If ya didn't notice.  :)  Also added links back to the main page on all of the galleries.  (The last Ireland gallery has the link back here, and the Cambridge galleries link back to the Cambridge page, which has a link back here.)

07.21.04 - More pictures.

07.18.04 - This morning I went for a walk.  My first intention was to go to the market and look around there.  But there were still a booths not set up yet.  So I looked at what was there, but a lot of people were covering stuff up, because it was drizzling.  So, I decided to head out to the other side of Trinity and get some pictures over there that I've  been meaning to get.  So, off I go.  (Still drizzling.)  I walk around, cross the river, get some pictures.  Still drizzling, though starting to actually rain now, but a light rain.  Luckily, the next pathway I choose is covered by trees, so I didn't really get wet.  However, on the way back around the other side (I made a huge block around a few of the colleges), no canopy of trees to keep my from getting wet.  So, I got soaked. Here are this morning's pictures.

07.17.04 - Yay!  I got the Ireland pictures all posted again.  Except they aren't compressed anymore.  Sorry 'bout that.  Hehe, there will always be something wrong, won't there?  But yeah they're up.  Today is exams.  One down.  One to go.  Starts in 55minutes.  So why am I doing this?  Uhm.  Good question.  Off I go.  Ireland!

Edit:  I added another link on the Cambridge page.  I took some pictures today when I went for a walk around earlier and on the way back from the exam room.  It was waaay across campus.  So, I'm all done with the first session.  I didn't like the last exam.  The fact pattern was intensive.  I could have written so much more.  An hour was so inadequate.  :/  We'll see what comes of it.  Now I've got the rest of the weekend to myself.  I suppose I should check my materials for any assignments to do for Monday.  For the rest of the day, it's do nothing time. 

07.14.04 - Went for a walk today.  Took some pictures..

07.11.04 - Added another gallery off the Cambridge page.. We went punting today.  It was a lot of fun.  First we did a guided tour.  Then we went off on our on.  During the guided tour, we went down the busy part of the river.  Some people that were just out punting on their own were in that end as well.  Well, one group had themselves out horizontally across the river.  And it's not all that wide.  There was lots of traffic in this one little area, so we ended up running into them.  (kinda like a T)  The guy that was doing the punting didn't brace himself at all, and when we hit the boat, he fell to his knees and his top half plunged into the water.  It was quite hilarious.  Our guide punter was quite amused (and thought the guy deserved it, as that was the second time the people in that boat had gotten in our way).  Funny stuff.  When we went punting on our own, we took out a poetry book and recited poetry.  What a group of nerds.  It was pretty funny.  (We held back from reciting The Lady of Shallot.)  Anyhow, it was all fun.  Nearly got rained on, but didn't.  A bit chilly out today.  Glad I bought this Cambridge University sweatshirt.  :)  Now I must get some reading done.

07.07.04 - Classes are going pretty well.  Judge Feldman is a cool teacher.  Very laid back, and he has great stories to tell.  Cultural property is interesting, though the professor isn't the greatest lecturer in the world.  She's sweet though.  Rehnquist, well, I'm not sure what to say about him.  It's just like a history class.  But going okay.  All is well. 

07.05.04 - Grrrrrr.. I'm getting aggravated because frontpage won't update my webpage.  Well, not the picture galleries anyway.  I changed the layout of the Ireland one and added the Amsterdam one.  But the Amsterdam gallery doesn't even show up.  The Ireland one is showing up like it originally was.  Aggravating.  Oh well.  Hopefully it will work itself out.  Someone email me and let me know if it works for you or what. 

07.04.04 - Today I'm heading to Cambridge.  I'm on the boat/ferry now, crossing the Atlantic.  Amsterdam was really gorgeous.  Some really awesome buildings there.  Went to a couple of museums, and spent lots of time walking around the city, just admiring it.  (But let me tell ya, my left foot ain't too happy.)  We spent a good bit of time searching for Puccini Chocolates.  It was so worth the searching.  Pictures posted.  Trains aren't any fun, by the way.  Well, I suppose they're great if you have no luggage.  But when you've got lotsa heavy luggage, switching from train to train is just a hassle.  But I'm just complaining.  Couple more hours to go before we hit land.  Then it's on to another train and off to Cambridge.  Finally, I'll have my own room! 

edit: I'm getting sea sick.  I'm tiiiiired.  Cause I didn't really sleep last night, though I did try to.  And I need a shower.  Too bad I'm getting into Cambridge too late to really take much of a nap and a long nice shower before the orientation at 5:30.  I'll see what I can manage.  I'm guessing I'll get there around 2ish. 

edit #2: Well, I'm in Cambridge now.  Have my room.  Well, it's more than a room.  It's like a mini apartment.  Just I share a bathroom with other people.  Other than that, I have my own little kitchen, my own living room, and my own bedroom.  Nifty.  :)  Pictures posted.

07.01.04 - Well, I'm in the Dublin airport and, thank the Lord, it has free wireless access!  So I get to upload all this stuff and play around for awhile while I wait for my flight, which is at 3:40.  (Right now it's 11:15.)  Great stuff.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures.  :)  Oh, and I had comments on just about every picture last night when I was working on all this stuff.  And then it wouldn't save.  I couldn't figure it out.  So I figured it was okay from the time I saved before.  Well, I was wrong.  So no more comments, cause it all disappeared.  So I did it the lazy way.  Perhaps if I find I've got lots more free time after I've done all I want to do online, I'll go back and add some comments. 

06.30.04 - Today was the last day of the Western Shamrocker tour.  It was "deadly craik," (pronounced crack) to use a bit of Irish slang.  (It means great fun or something similar.)  I'd love to come back and do another tour with them one day.  They do a tour of Northern Ireland, Western, and Southern, all lasting different amount of days.  The one I did was the shortest.  The people I went on the tour with were really friendly.  Everyone got along really well and had lots of fun.  I realize that I have all of the pictures just heaped onto the page, but I'll work on creating new pages later, so the load time won't take forever.  In all actuality, it'll probably be fixed before I even get to upload this.  And this is just moot.  Ireland isn't one for wireless, that's for sure.  And let me tell ya, international calls will break ya!  I should have brought warmer clothes.  It's been a bit chilly here.  And rainy.  Which isn't so bad.  Just wish I had warmer clothes packed for this leg of the trip.  Hosteling has been an okay experience.  Hotels would be much better, cause I'd have my own bathroom and no one to share a room with, but this is cheaper.  So, it's worth it.  I haven't managed to get any pictures of the hostels I've stayed at.  So I'm going to take a couple now of the room I'm staying in at Kinlay house in Dublin.  Some rooms are better than this, some are worse.  But this is the only one en suite.  Which is a major bonus.  'Til next time.  :)