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This poor dog is going to be put to sleep on 2-12!! if no one adopts him =(

If anyone can adopt a dog PLEASE PLEASE think of this one <3
the number to call is 920-589-6209 or email pitbullw170@yahoo.com

he is only a year and a half old and he has been neutered and house broken

Gordy N11702 Euth Date: 02-12-05

Location: Oshkosh Wisconsin
Breed: Pit Bull (APBT)
Age: 19 to 36 Months
Sex: Male (neutered)
Weight: 60 to 70 Lbs
Color: tan/white

Housebroken: yes
Good with kids: Older children recommended Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: No


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UPDATE 02-02-05

He's deteriorating in the shelter and they've given him about 2 weeks to be adopted then he will probably be euthanized. I wish it was good news I had. Also, his fee is sponsored.

Come meet the match for you. The Oshkosh Area Humane Society has a really neat canine-ality test that will help you meet the perfect companion. Let's take our pal Gordy here, for instance. Gordy gets the "green" light and falls into the category of "life of the party". His canine-ality reveals this about him..."I think everything is fun, interesting and meant for play, especially YOU :) Anything you do, I want to do too. With my own brand of surprises, life with me will keep you constantly on your toes, and the fun is guaranteed." How does that fit your style? Gordy is about a year and a half, neutered and will do just fine with kids. We recommend that the kids be at least 8 years old just because he has so much energy and is very active.

Update 9/25/04 - He is housebroken and is ok with some dogs. He is getting a bit stressed out in the shelter. One of the employees has been bringing him home for time away and he loves to swim in her pond. Also, part of his adoption fee is sponsored.

He has become a favorite with the staff. He participated in the UW Oshkosh Homecoming parade.

Gordy is a dog for all seasons but summer is his favorite. He loves water and will swim in a lake, pool, puddle, or stream. A walk to stretch his legs on a brisk winter day bundled in his red fleece coat puts a spring in his step.

Gordy is whimsical and festive. He proudly wore his jesters costume in the UW Oshkosh homecoming parade and showed his holiday spirit in the Oshkosh Holiday Parade.

Gordy is smart and understanding. For a mere piece of kibble he will sit, lie down, roll over and learn any trick you fancy. Gordy enjoys walks with friends and wouldn’t think of pulling on the leash. He wants you to have fun too.

Gordy is patient and hopeful. He sees many of his friends at the shelter come and go. He has been at OAHS for six months….the longest of all the dogs. Yet he maintains a positive attitude. He doesn’t give up like some understandably would. He knows there is someone out there who needs a friend just like him. Gordy isn’t looking for someone perfect by human standards. He knows beauty is only skin deep and looks can be deceiving. He dreams of a leader and friend that will commit to him for the rest of his days. This is perfection to Gordy.

Gordy is not perfect. He asks that you remember looks aren’t everything. Those who know him say he is a treasure. Gordy will offer unconditional love, respect for his leader and most of all undying appreciation for a second chance in a beautiful yet imperfect world.

Additional Information

link to the website i found him on : http://www.pbrc.net/dogpages/north/oshN11701_1.html